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Oligarchy and Equal Protection of the Laws

An Oligarchy is a form of social organization wherein political power is held by a wealthy elite who use that power to serve their own class interest. Arguably, we the living live in an age of Oligarchical rule. Consider the following: a 2008 report by The Center for Responsive Politics showed that roughly 2/3rds of United States Senators were millionaires. reported that in 2010 the top 25 wealthiest United States Senators had an average amassed net worth of over $1,300,000,000.00.

The United States House of Representatives, originally designed to check the aristocratic tendency of the Senate, is no different and is mostly populated by the wealthy elite. This reflects the hard fact that to be elected to National Office in the United States requires enormous resources, both personal and contributed. It also reflects the sad truth that the only people that give enough of a shit to seek public office are those that have enough property and wealth that they are compelled to ensure the machinery of government is employed in its protection and reproduction.

Thus, the new century marks the death of the Republic and the rise of an unabashed, unrepentant Oligarchy dedicated to wealth and those that hold it above all else and by any means necessary. If this seems a far stretch consider the aftermath of the latest economic disaster, the 2008 meltdown of the financial sector. Despite the fact that it is well known and exhaustively reported that the meltdown was caused by rampant fraud in the financial sector, not a single financier has been arrested or prosecutor for contributing to the collapse of the global economy. Worse! The same fraudsters and cheats were allowed to walk away with a $700,000,000,000.00 bailout with no strings attached and then proceeded to shower themselves with bonuses as if they had not just brought the global economy to its knees.

Yet, at the street level, thieves, cheats and robbers that commit crimes out of desperation or necessity are routinely arrested, aggressively prosecuted and imprisoned for extended periods of time. What is the difference between the two crimes? Nothing. Not a thing. Fraud in the procurement of tens of millions is the same felony, albeit far more grievous, as fraud for the sake of a couple hundred dollars. Yet, the fraud with a pin stripe suit and a fancy car is bailed out by the government while the petty fraudster on the street is ruthlessly prosecuted and warehoused for years without hesitation.

This illustrates the point that we live in an Oligarchy that exists for the rich, by the rich. Under such a form of government equal protection of the laws is a farce. For it cannot be seriously stated that justice is blind when the rich commit crimes at will and are rewarded for those crimes while the poor get screwed as hard as is possible to screw a person for the commission of the same offenses.