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Blog Posts in March, 2013

Admitting Hearsay Testimony: The General Rule

In a previous blog, the definition of hearsay, and reasons for denying its admission, were briefly discussed. Though hearsay statements are generally inadmissible, there are exceptions to the rule. ...
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On the Penalties for Requesting a New Trial after an Arbitration Award

This blog provides an introduction to court-annexed arbitration here in Nevada and the penalties which may be incurred by requesting a trial de novo. In Nevada, parties are required to submit to ...
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A Short Introduction to Hearsay

The word hearsay is pervasive on television and in print. You've probably heard it spoken on your favorite crime drama ad nauseum, and if you're a fan of Judge Judy and shows of that ilk, ...
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On Punitive Damages

This blog is written in the form of an overview of the policy behind punitive damages as well as an overview as to when punitives are or are not awarded in a personal injury case. This overview is ...
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