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Blog Posts in April, 2014

Procedure of discovery and division of retirements in divorce

Procedure for discovering and dividing retirement benefits in divorce This short article was written for the sole purpose of enlightening my employees as to the process of acquiring retirement ...
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Understanding the Social Security System

Understanding Social Security Benefits I wrote this article for my own personal benefit. It should not be used as an authoritative source as there are much more elaborate and authoritative articles on ...
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Civil Service Retirement System

Understanding the Civil Service Retirement System Like all of my blogs, this one was written for my own learning benefit. For a more thorough understanding of the subject matter I direct you to ...
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Military Retirements in Divorce

Military Retirements in Divorce These blogs, including this one, were written for the sole benefit of helping myself gain a deeper understanding of these various topics. The source of most of my ...
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Property Distribution in Divorce

Property distribution in Divorce Upon marriage property acquired by a married couple generally becomes community property. What this means is that the parties generally are each entitled to ½ ...
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