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Glass Containers No Longer Allowed on Las Vegas Strip

Yesterday the Clark County Commission voted to ban glass bottles on the Strip to prevent the bottles from being used as weapons and limit littering. Metro Police reported there is an increase in violent crimes committed on the Strip with glass bottles involved as weapons. This year there were almost forty eight (48) incidents with glass bottles. Metro stated that crimes with injuries caused by glass bottles potentially could result in sections of the Strip being closed for processing the crime scene. The ban forbids anyone from carrying an open beverage on Las Vegas Boulevard from Russell Road to Sahara Avenue. If police catch anyone drinking from an opened glass container on the Strip, then the person will be asked to throw away the beverage. The consequences for refusing the police instructions include police confiscating the drink, arresting the person on a misdemeanor charge that has a maximum fine of $1,000, or up to six months in jail. The ban takes effect in two weeks. Several small businesses opposed the ban, such as the 7-11 on the Strip, because they foresee a significant decline in sales of beverages in glass battles. The commission included an exception allowing glass bottles as long as they are in paper or plastic bags that are stapled shut and have a store receipt attached. The simple guideline to follow is that if you are walking down the Strip with beverage in hand make sure it is in a plastic container.

The impetus for this ban is that often people just throw their glass bottles on the sidewalks. This causes many people to trip over the bottles and injuring themselves. You should not have to be a victim to another person's neglect. If you are a victim of a slip and fall case, please call our offices to seek reimbursement of hospital expenses, compensation of lost wages and in some cases damages for pain and suffering.

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