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Blog Posts in June, 2015

Demonstratives in Trial

As we know, people have their own unique learning styles. Generally speaking there are auditory, visual and tactile learners. This simply means that people generally learn best by either listening, ...
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Understanding Jurors, beyond Voire Dire

During the voire dire process we, as lawyers, need to take extra care to determine what attitudes and opinions each of our potential jurors carry with them. We know that we cannot change the attitudes ...
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Knowing Your Audience in Voire dire III

As a general proposition, in trial, it is always a good idea to expose your weaknesses before your opponent has the opportunity to do so. Thus if you are reasonably certain that your adversary is ...
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Knowing Your Audience in Voire Dire II

The voire dire process will be your first chance to make a good impression upon your potential jurors. A couple of points to keep in mind here. First of all, and above all else, remember that you are ...
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Knowing Your Audience in Voire Dire

The Voire Dire process is of huge importance in the plaintiff's personal injury context. To this end, you need to push for the most expansive voire dire process available. Judges have wide ...
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Witness Preparation

Trial preparation is a long and tedious process. By the time we complete preparing our cross examinations, direct examinations, opening and closing arguments we often forget to take the time to ...
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Basic Jury Trial Tips

There are fundaments which are essential for trial lawyers. These fundamentals will apply over and over again in just about any jury trial context. A majority of these tips are equally applicable in ...
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Interpreting Harry v Smith, 111 Nev. 528

I wrote this short summary simply to reinforce my, Eric Roy's, own personal understanding of this case. This particular Nevada Supreme court case sheds light on a few different issues. Simply put, ...
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Interpreting Wood v. Safeway, Inc., 121 P.3d 1026

This article essentially summarizes my, Eric Roy's, understanding of the Wood v. Safeway case. This case was decided Oct 20 th of 2005 and provides guidance on three different issues. The facts of ...
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Polarizing in Discovery

If you, as plaintiff's counsel, do a good job at proving liability by way of discovery tactics you will leave the Defense with only their tried and true malingering defense. Essentially, the ...
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