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Blog Posts in March, 2015

Tax Carryovers in High Asset Divorce

TAX CARRYOVERS IN HIGH ASSET DIVORCE Often overlooked in the divorce context are tax carryovers. Tax carryovers are generally considered to be community assets to the extent that such carryovers were ...
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Alimony - Willful Underemployment

ALIMONY – WILLFULL UNDEREMPLOYMENT Often times clients will come to me and say, "Eric, what is the benefit of receiving this alimony award if my soon to be ex-husband quits his job as he ...
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Alimony Modification

Nevada courts are authorized to issue Alimony awards pursuant to NRS 125.150. That statute allows the courts to order either spouse to pay alimony to the other spouse either in a specified principle ...
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Merger in Divorce

Merger in Divorce The purpose of a divorce Decree is to outline the respective rights and obligations of two parties post-divorce. Thus a Decree will provide for such things as division of property ...
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Permanent Alimony

PERMANENT ALIMONY In Nevada, Alimony comes in various shapes and sizes. Generally speaking we have "temporary maintenance" which is support one spouse will provide to the other during the ...
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Basic Financial Terms for Business Valuation

BASIC FINANCIAL TERMS FOR BUSINESS VALUATION IN DIVORCE It is one thing to understand the ultimate number realized by your business valuation expert. It is in another to understand how he or she ...
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Levels of Value and Premises of Value in Divorce

LEVELS OF VALUE AND PREMESIS OF VALUE IN DIVORCE I, Eric Roy, wrote this article to reaffirm my understanding of these value concepts within the context of business valuation in divorce. These ...
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Distinguishing Valuation Approaches and Methodologies in Divorce

DISTINGUISHING VALUATION APPROACHES AND METHODOLOGIES IN DIVORCE Before reading this article understand that I, Eric Roy, am not a CPA and thus I am not a business valuation expert. However, ...
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