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Introducing the Official Launch of Eric Roy Law Online

First and foremost, thank you for being a client of Eric Roy Law, a premier law firm dedicated to its clients, above all. In an effort to further serve you and future clients I have invested much in developing a dedicated and comprehensive online presence that will keep you informed of news and developments in law and government. Toward that end, the following online sites have recently launched:

1. Flagship Website (;

2. Facebook Business Page (;

3. Twitter Page (@attorneyericroy);

4. LinkedIn Page (Eric P. Roy, Attorney at Law);

5. Google + (ericroylaw).

It all starts with our website, which I have dedicated to presenting the basic rules in the areas of law in which we practice: Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law and Bankruptcy. Each area has its own page that contains the rules applicable to the various claims for relief clients may be interested in pursuing.

For example, our Personal Injury page contains sub headings for negligence, wrongful death and products liability. Similarly, our Family Law page contains a primer on everything from Nevada Divorce Law to Modifications of Child Support, and much more. That information is provided for our existing and future clients in order to provide them the maximum amount of information concerning their case.

Our website also contains a newsletter and blog where I and other qualified members of my staff post regular, weekly, articles, news stories and blogs concerning the law and legal developments. The purpose behind this is two-fold: first, as stated above, we aim to keep our clients informed, not only about their own case, but also about important developments and commentary on law and government, areas that affect every citizen all the time.

Second, in regularly writing about and researching law, government and specific legal issues, we sharpen and hone our skills, keep ourselves informed of important legal developments and, ultimately, are better professionals and lawyers as a result, all to the benefit of the client., Google + and @attorneyericroy

My facebook business page, twitter feed and Google + account are intended to be interactive. There, clients and the general public may read and comment on stories related to law and government that are trending locally and nationally and that are of interest to me, my staff or friends and associates. More importantly, I will be holding regular "webinars" concerning topics related to the areas of law I practice. For example, my first webinar will be related to Divorce Law in Nevada in general. I will also be hosting a regular forum, chat room, where clients and the public can ask me a law related question and get an immediate response, kind of like an online consultation.

Law From the Underground: A Journal Dedicated to the Relentless Critique of Law and Government

I am most excited about "Law From the Underground", a free online journal I developed ( that is open to anyone interested in writing about law and politics. My online journal will also be devoted to art, photography and literature related to law and politics. Consequently, I intend to regularly post art and photography and review books related to the law and politics. Although this page is aimed at law students and undergraduate and graduate students studying law and politics, if you can write and put together a cogent piece, you're invited to contribute. Mostly though, I hope to educate my clients and the general public on an institution that deeply affects us all, the legal system.


Again, I thank you for allowing me to represent you and hope that the launch of Eric Roy Law Online further serves and informs you about the law and politics. I encourage you to recommend these web pages to friends, family and associates. Remember, the greatest compliment you can pay me is an enthusiastic reference.

Kindest Regards,

Eric P. Roy, Esq.