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Excellent Attorney!

Eric Roy recently represented me in my child support/custody case. He knew my case like as if it was his! He missed Nothing! He will truly fight for you. Spend the money and get a lawyer who knows what he is doing with your case! If there is a top ten list for BEST lawyers in Las Vegas Eric Roy is definitely on it.

I never personally met Eric because I…

I never personally met Eric because I live in Cali and he took care of my case for me that was going on in Vegas. They got me what I was asking for with no problems

The job I went to them for was done.

The job I went to them for was done. Eric was excellent and very professional.

I worked with Eric’s office for my…

I worked with Eric’s office for my personal injury case, and everyone there was awesome. I am 100% satisfied on how everything turned out and the timeliness of my case. If I ever need an attorney for anything I will go to Eric first, and would recommend him to anyone who asks.







I came in 2 weeks before my trial and…

I came in 2 weeks before my trial and retained, even on short notice I received great service. The staff was very friendly and professional, answered all the questions and concerns I had. Eric did a great job in the court room and I was very happy with the outcome.

I have used this attorney in the past…

I have used this attorney in the past and he is very knowledgable and responsible. I suggest others use him.

These attorneys were able to achieve all…

These attorneys were able to achieve all my goals in court with minimal amounts of red tape and had honest pricing that was straight forward.

Free consultation and not a free…

Free consultation and not a free consultation where they talk for 5 minutes and ask for your money, the lead lawyer Eric actually talked to me for an hour and made me fully aware of any pending fees and a realist point of view of what my chances were. I appreciated his 'up-front- attitude and made a good decision. We are just beginning our motions so hopefully everything goes well but so far this attorney knows his business.

I had been going through a horrible time…

I had been going through a horrible time trying to find a good attorney that would work with my situation, I had been to Hannraty and others and they weren't really willing to work with me. So I stumbled upon Mr. Roy's phone number and gave him a call. He handled my case with the greatest of ease and I couldn't of been more impressed with his team and services, his secretary Arianne also was a joy to work with and kept me updated on my motions and cases and I got everything I wanted.

I approached Mr Roy to have my child…

I approached Mr Roy to have my child support payments lowered after I had a change of employment which if they had gone unmodified would of put me in a bad spot, financially. He was very easy to work with and definitely friendly, I would recommend this attorney to other people.

Solid group of lawyers but their…

Solid group of lawyers but their specialty is definitely family law and divorce, would definitely recommend to others.

***All names and locations below are fictitious to protect client confidentiality***

Representative Custody Matter

Aaron and Vicki were never married. They had a brief relationship that resulted in one child, Mikey. When Mikey was born, Aaron and Vicki briefly moved in together. However, it soon became clear to Aaron that the relationship wouldn't last because Vicki had no desire to do anything but sit on her couch and watch TV. So, Aaron left Vicki and moved into his own apartment.

In retribution, Vicki refused to allow regular visitation between Aaron and Mikey and would only let Aaron see Mikey if Vicki was present. Obviously, this was unacceptable to Aaron and, consequently, he came to this office to see what we could do for him.

After speaking to Attorney Eric Roy, Aaron retained this office and we promptly filed a complaint for custody and a motion for temporary orders, namely, joint physical and legal custody. At the motion hearing Aaron was in fact awarded joint custody and the matter was set for trial.

After vigorous litigation and discovery from this office, the Vicki and her attorney capitulated and agreed to settle for joint custody, allowing Aaron regular and meaningful visitation with his son.

Representative Custody Matter

Doug and Michelle have been divorced since 2002. They have two teenage sons, Earl and James, 13 and 15 years old respectively. Some time ago, Doug moved to Utah and Michelle retained primary custody of the kids. However, Michelle had been acting increasingly unstable and the child exchanges had become contentious and increasingly difficult. In 2011, after repeatedly having his visitation frustrated, Doug filed a motion for contempt in proper person, hoping to have the Judge admonish Michelle to follow her orders concerning visitation.

Unfortunately, Michelle hired a very experienced and aggressive family law attorney and she filed a counter-motion to find Doug in contempt for missing support payments and allegedly making child exchanges difficult and contentious. As a result, Doug came to this office seeking help.

After reviewing the matter, Attorney Eric Roy determined that not only was Michelle in contempt of court, there was also sufficient cause to change custody in Doug's favor. As a result, Mr. Roy filed a motion on behalf of Doug requesting a change in custody and relocation to Utah with the kids.

After protracted litigation and several hearings, not only did Michelle and her attorney capitulate to all of Doug's requests, she also agreed to terminate her parental rights as enough evidence had been dug up in litigation to thoroughly discredit Michelle and embarrass her at any potential trial. As a result, Earl and James now live in Utah with their father away from the chaos and instability that was Michelle's life.

Representative Custody Matter

Susie and Jose were married in 2001. Sometime in 2004, Jose left Susie and moved to Texas. Without Susie's knowledge, Jose divorced Susie in Texas and was awarded primary custody of their some, John, now 11 years old. In 2008, Jose and Susie reconciled and Jose moved back to Las Vegas to live with Susie. However, in 2011 the parties again separated but this time Jose took John with him and refused to let Susie visit with him, hiding behind the divorce decree he had acquired behind Susie's back in Texas.

Susie came to see Attorney Eric Roy to see how she could possibly get John back. Mr. Roy spoke to Susie and determined that regardless of the decree of divorce from Texas, Nevada still retained jurisdiction of the minor child. As a result, immediately after Susie retained, this office filed a recognition of foreign judgment from Texas in Nevada and then immediately filed an emergency motion for the return of the minor child and a motion to modify custody.

Once the pleadings were filed and ready to serve, Mr. Roy's office got busy finding Jose, who had not disclosed his exact location. After a diligent search, Jose was located and served at work. Because the pleadings had been filed so quickly and thoroughly, Jose had little time to react and subsequently capitulated, agreeing at the hearing to return the minor child immediately and award Susie custody at the threat of being jailed for absconding with the minor child and concealing him. John now lives in Las Vegas with his mother, Susie, and is reunited with his friends and extended family.

Representative Custody Matter

Jack and Jill divorced in 2002. They had 6 kids at the time of their divorce. In 2003, Jack and Jill agreed that Jill would move to New Mexico with the kids. In 2011, after 3 of the parties kids emancipated, Jack filed a motion to modify custody in Nevada, alleging parental neglect and alienation. Initially, Jill had another attorney handling the matter. That attorney failed to argue that Nevada lacked jurisdiction over the matter because the kids had lived in New Mexico for almost 8 years with little if any contact with Nevada.

Consequently, the court took jurisdiction of the matter and set it for trial issuing various temporary orders, including ordering a child interview and mediation, in the meantime. Obviously, Jill was dissatisfied with the result and promptly fired her attorney. Jill came to see Attorney Eric Roy to see what could be done. Mr. Roy correctly determined that jurisdiction of the matter is in New Mexico, where Jill lives, and that, in any event, Jack had no cause to modify custody under the circumstances.

As a result, Mr. Roy counseled Jill to get an attorney in New Mexico and filed a recognition of foreign judgment in preparation for having the case dismissed or transferred. In addition, Mr. Roy filed a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and a request for a conference between the two judges to determine jurisdiction. Mr. Roy also opposed Jack's motion to modify using his own kids opinion of him against him.

Consequently, Jack capitulated and decided he did not want a change of custody after all and settled on minimal visitation during the summer and Christmas holiday. In addition, the matter was transferred to New Mexico. Currently, the kids are with their mother in New Mexico where they have been for the last 8 years.

Representative Custody Matter

Jim and Jane are the maternal grandparents of Jean, a 3 year old child. Jim and Jane's daughter, Erica, 30 years old, is addicted to drugs and prostituting herself. Consequently, Jim and Jane have been Jean's primary caretaker since she was born. In 2011, Erica hooked up with a new boyfriend and suddenly decided she wanted to be a parent and took Jean from the only people that have been a constant in her life, Jim and Jane. Erica then refused to allow any visitation between Jim, Jane and Jean. Jim and Jane initially came to Attorney Eric Roy seeking visitation.

However, after discussing the matter in depth, Mr. Roy determined that Jim and Jean should move for custody, not just visitation, as there was more than enough to overcome the "parental preference" doctrine. Jim and Jane retained this office and Mr. Roy prepared a detailed complaint and brief for the court, arguing that custody was appropriate because Jim and Jane had overcome the parental preference doctrine and it was in Jean's best interests that she be in Jim and Jane's custody.

After receiving the complaint and brief, Erica contacted this office. Mr. Roy discussed the case with Erica and, after protracted negotiation, was able to persuade Erica that it was in Jean's best interests that she remain with Jim and Jane until such time as Erica could prove she was fit to have custody. Consequently, Jean now lives with Jim and Jane, Erica is working towards resolving her issues and has visitation with Jean.

Representative Divorce Matter

Jennifer came to this office in August because she learned that her husband, Jim, with whom she has an eleven (11) year old daughter, Jaime, in common was able to get a divorce from Jennifer, acquire primary custody of Jaime with very limited visitation by Jennifer, and get a favorable property division without Jennifer's knowledge or participation in the divorce. Consequently, Jim was able to withhold regular visits between Jennifer and Jaime and Jennifer was forced to pay Jim child support.

As a result, this office filed a "Motion to Set Aside the Decree of Divorce" and asked the court to set a trial date, specifically on the issue of custody and child support, of which Jennifer was also responsible for paying. After argument by Mr. Roy and Counsel for Jim on the date of the hearing, the Decree of Divorce was in fact set aside and child support suspended pending trial on the matter.

In preparation for trial this office discovered facts that showed Jim had a criminal past and was pending trial for a serious felony matter that, if convicted, would divest Jim of custody of Jaime and give primary custody to Jennifer. After presenting these facts to the court at trial, Jennifer was awarded liberal visitation with Jaime with the added stipulation that Jennifer would receive primary custody of Jaime should Jim be convicted of his felony charge (which he most likely will).

Representative Custody Matter

James came to this office because his ex-wife, Jill, with whom he has two teenage sons, filed a motion to change custody in New York alleging that James was abusive to his children. The children have lived with James in Nevada since the parties divorced over five years ago and visit Jill on their school breaks and over summer vacation.

Initially, James was trying to defend himself in New York where the parties originally divorced. When the legal fees and time spent dealing with an out of state matter became too burdensome, James came to this office for help. As a result, Mr. Roy filed a "recognition of foreign judgment" in Nevada and then asked the Nevada Judge to confer with the New York court in an effort to move the entire case to Nevada. In addition, Mr. Roy argued that the entire matter was frivolous and Jill's allegations were entirely without merit and should not be taken seriously.

A date was set for that conference and, after argument and a detailed brief on the matter, the Judge in New York and the Nevada Judge agreed the matter should be dismissed in New York and what was left of the case transferred to Nevada. The Nevada Court gave Jill two months to supplement her motion and address Mr. Roy's argument. However, Jill failed to respond to Mr. Roy's allegations and, although she showed up at the subsequent status check with an attorney, her case in Nevada was ultimately dismissed. As a result, the kids continue to live in Nevada with their father where they have lived for the last five years.

Representative Custody Matter

Jason came to this office after he voluntarily ceded custody of his toddler, Michael, to Michael's mother, Annie. Although Jason had previously been represented by another attorney, that attorney incredibly counseled Jason that it was in everyone's interest, including Michael, that Jason give Annie sole legal and sole physical custody. Trusting in his attorney, Jason agreed and as a result lost all contact with his child.

Several months later Jason retained this office to help him reconnect with his child. Consequently, Mr. Roy filed a motion to modify custody or, in the alternative, set aside the prior order arguing that Jason's prior counsel was ineffective and that there was no reason to divest Jason of contact with his child.

On the strength of the arguments made in that motion and after negotiation with Annie's attorney, it was decided that the parties would share custody. As a result, Jason now sees his child regularly and has reestablished a strong and loving father/son relationship with Michael.

Representative Custody Matter

Melissa came to this office after her ex-boyfriend, Alonzo, filed a complaint for primary physical custody of the parties infant son, Jimmy. When Melissa spoke to Eric she indicated concern that Alonzo would take Jimmy from her because he had threatened that he would spend every penny he had and fight Melissa tooth and nail for custody of Jimmy. After discussing the facts of the case with Melissa, Mr. Roy assured Melissa that all would be well and that custody of Jimmy would remain with Melissa.

After answering Alonzo's complaint, this office prepared a detailed motion chronically Alonzo's love of drugs and partying, complete with color photographs of Alonzo snorting an unknown white powdery substance, and explaining to the court how bizarre it was for Alonzo to ask for custody when he hadn't bothered to either see or support Jimmy regularly since he was born.

In addition, Mr. Roy explained to the court that despite the fact that Jimmy was born prematurely, Alonzo failed to contribute to Melissa's hospital bills, which were substantial, and only visited Jimmy sporadically even though Jimmy's life was at stake.

Consequently and after several hearings, Melissa was awarded primary custody with Alonzo having visitation one day of the week for a couple hours. Additionally, Alonzo was ordered to pay for half of Melissa's medical bills and substantial child support.

***Names and Locations are fictitious to protect client confidentiality***

Representative Criminal Matter

Lars is a teenager, though at 18 is legally an adult, and was a member of a local party crew that called themselves the "Wrecking Crew". One day Lars and his friends were at a party when a rival gang, the "8th Street Locos" arrived. An altercation ensued wherein the State alleged Lars pulled out a gun and fired shots at his rivals. After an investigation, Lars was arrested and charged with Assault With A Deadly Weapon with a Gang Enhancement (Felony), carrying a concealed weapon (Felony), and Conspiracy with a Gang Enhancement (Felony).

As a result, Lars was facing up to 20 years in prison, if not more had the maximum penalties been run consecutively. However, after Mr. Roy took the case and after extensive investigation, work and negotiation with the State, it was decided that Lars would plead guilty to carrying a concealed weapon with the State providing no opposition to probation at rendition of sentence.

At sentencing, after submitting a detailed brief with affidavits attesting to Lars good character and argument, the Judge granted Lars probation after a short period of house arrest.

Representative Criminal Matter

Kurt is a young man in his early twenties with little or no significant criminal record. One night, Kurt was pulled over in a stolen vehicle and arrested for grand theft auto. Kurt was assigned a Public Defender and, prior to the preliminary hearing, Kurt entered a plea of guilty to possession of a stolen vehicle, a gross misdemeanor. A date was set for sentencing and Kurt was ordered to present himself to the Division of Parole and Probation to submit to a Pre Sentencing Interview.

Unfortunately, in his anxiety and uncertainty at the prospect of sentencing Kurt panicked and absconded, failing to appear at sentencing. As a result, a felony bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Several months later Kurt was interested in remedying the situation and came to this office reference what could be done.

Mr. Roy promptly filed a motion to quash the felony bench warrant and set the matter for sentencing in the District Court. After argument and objection by the State, the bench warrant was revoked and a date set for sentencing. Mr. Roy prepared a detailed sentencing brief and submitted it to the court ahead of sentencing. As a result and over the States objection, Kurt was granted probation after completion of four weekends in jail despite the fact he had absconded from sentencing for over 6 months.

***Names and Locations have been changed to protect client confidentiality***

Representative Criminal Matter

Emma is a single mother of a teenage boy, Johnny, which suffers from ADD. Emma works at the same school Johnny attends. One day, Johnny got in trouble for stealing a book at school. We Emma and Johnny got home Emma, out of frustration, forced Johnny to take all of his clothes off and stand on the front porch as punishment. Emma then locked the front door on Johnny.

Neighbors saw Johnny naked on the front porch and called the Police. Police responded and after speaking to Johnny and Emma, Police decided to charge Emma with Child Endangerment, a Felony and arrested her. As a result, Emma came to this office for help.

After the initial arraignment and after discussing discovery with Emma, Mr. Roy began the process of negotiating the matter with the State as it was determined that allowing the matter to proceed to trial would not be in either Emma or Johnny's best interests.

As a result, and after protracted negotiations, Mr. Roy was able to negotiate a reduction of the charges to misdemeanor child endangerment should Emma successfully complete parenting classes and pay a fine. Consequently, Emma avoided the stigma of a felony record and the proposition of having her teenage son testify against her.

Representative Child Support Matter

Jenny and her ex-husband, Elliot, have a minor child together. Jenny is remarried. Jenny's husband now earns well over $100,000.00 per year. Pursuant to the parties Decree of Divorce, Elliot has custody of the minor child. Upon learning of Jenny's new husband's income, Elliot filed a motion to modify support asking the court take Jenny's husband's income into account to determine Jenny's child support.

Initially, the Judge in this matter ruled in favor of Elliot. However, Mr. Roy filed an extensive brief asking the Judge to reconsider her ruling and detailing the law and facts of the case in arguing that the Judge was mistaken in her view. As a result and on the strength of Mr. Roy's position, opposing counsel was compelled to settle the matter and agreed not to take Jenny's husbands income into account, greatly reducing Jenny's child support obligation

Representative Custody Matter

Cody and his ex-girlfriend, Amber, have three minor children together. Recently, Cody was arrested and jailed for 30 days on minor outstanding traffic warrants. By the time Cody got out of jail, Amber had moved out with the children and relocated to North Dakota.

Subsequently, Amber filed a complaint for custody requesting primary physical custody and permission to relocate. Because he was unemployed at the time, Cody represented himself. Also, because he was devastated that his girlfriend left him and took his kids to North Dakota and under pressure from Amber's attorney, Cody agreed in writing to give Amber primary physical custody of the children and give Amber permission to relocate.

As a result, Cody spent months without contact with his children. Cody came to this office looking for help. Recognizing that the circumstances under which Cody relinquished custody and gave permission to relocate could barely be characterized as circumstances conducive to a voluntary agreement, Mr. Roy filed his motion to set everything aside.

Consequently, the matter was reopened and Cody was given an opportunity to argue for custody at trial and a fair shot at getting custody of his kids.

Representative Criminal Matter

Client was charged with Felony Domestic Violence, attempted arson and several other misdemeanors as a result of an alleged domestic violence incident which occured at her home on or about June of 2011. At the time of the incident, client was on parole stemming from a previous murder conviction for which she spent 19 years in prison. As a result of the allegations levied against her, client had her parole revoked and was facing life in prison. Client retained Mr. Roy to represent her in her pending criminal charges in addition to the parole revocation hearing. Ultimately and through Mr. Roy's dilligent representation, client's criminal charges were dismissed and client's parole reinstated despite the fact that the Division of Parole and Probation recomended client's parole be revoked and client further imprisoned. Consequently, client is scheduled to be released from custody on December 21, 2011.